Ho’oponopono Clings


Ho’oponopono Clings



Cleansing clings take your Ho’oponopono practice to the next level. Add the methodology from Masaru Emoto around water, energy, vibration & thoughts. His early work revolved around pseudoscientific hypotheses that water could react to positive thoughts and words.

Words and colors carry their own unique vibrations. We have carefully chosen from the Ho’oponopono Self I-Dentity process the affirmations for our static cling decals to maximize the positive effects on water and your life.

Our Re-usable clings can be attached to your Blue Solar Water Bottle, and because we use white Lettering on a clear background, they can be easily seen on the Blue Glass.

Surround yourself and others with Ho’oponopono and put them around the house, on your bathroom mirror or car windows. Get a quick reminder to state the mantra or create a positive context.

Ho’oponopono affirmations, are an essential key in voiding memories replaying problems in the Subconcious Mind.

Through repetitive and consistent use of this simple yet powerful tool, you can begin to see changes occur in your life.

You are on your way to living a created life!


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