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Over the past few years I’ve spent an unimaginable amount of money on over-the-counter medications and supplements, searching for something to help me cope with fibro-myalgia. Never would I have believed that something so simple would have made such a profound difference in my energy! This water, combined with my own application of the principles outlined in “Zero-Limits,” has literally changed my life and given me newfound hope! Thank You, “Blue Solar Water!!!”

Michele S. | Queens, NY

This bottle is AMAZING!! It looks great, is convenient, and has a secure cap. I bought 10 of them at one time. I fill them up in the morning and let them solarize during the day while I’m at work. When I come home, I have my Blue Solar Water to cook with, refill my dog’s water bowl, water the plants, wash my face and brush my teeth. I then refill my 16oz bottles and put them in the fridge so they are ready for me to take to work the next day. I look forward to getting more so I can take a Blue Solar Water BATH!!

Marty B. | Illinois

I love your Weightloss mediation, I have it on my Ipod and listen to it every night. Since I have been using your meditation I have noticed a shift within my body. I am no longer feeding my body when I am not hungry. Your mediation is helping me to bring awareness on a consciousness level of what food choices I make. I now have an awareness to why I choose to feed my body because of hunger or because of emotions.

At the moment I am reducing my weight by One pound per week, I am okay with my success as I know my additional weight all did not show up at once nor will I release it all at the same time.

Thanks again for the wonderful weightloss tool and I am looking forward to hearing more mediations by you.

Hugs & Love,

Donna | Fayetteville, GA

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