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brian-atbellrock My name is Brian and I became involved with the practice of Ho’oponopono in Feb of 2007. A brief time after that, I came up with the idea for this website to help people easily find Blue Glass Bottles that were convenient, functional, and HAVE CAPS.

If you’re like me, I was searching and searching for Blue Glass Bottles to solarize my water with, but all I could find were odd shaped bottles, small bottles (1-6 oz. for perfumes and oils), or an occasional wine bottle.
At first I thought the wine bottle would be fine for the house if it had an actual screw cap, but it doesn’t. And even if I did manage to fidget with the cap-less bottle and took it out on the town with me, I thought I might look like a lush!! Take a wine bottle to work? YEAH RIGHT! What if people were to take it out with the kids at the park?

Simply using a blue drinking glass was suggested, but then my friend who was also looking for Blue Glass Bottles asked me how she was going to carry a drinking glass around with her all day while taking care of her children, shopping, driving, or exercising!

The wine bottle and blue drinking glass ideas just weren’t working.

brianatbellrock-2After MUCH searching and CLEANSE, CLEANSE, CLEANSING, I found these great 32oz and 16oz Bottles that HAVE CAPS!!! Now I can solarize enough water to last throughout the day, AND can carry it around without spilling it!

I thought if I had this much trouble finding the bottles, maybe other people are having the same challenges!

I feel that BLUE Solar Water is such an INTEGRAL part of the Ho’oponopono process, that I decided to use what I learned after hours and hours of exhaustive research to help others overcome the learning curve. I chose to help others live Ho’oponopono to the fullest.

This website is just for YOU. And because I also strongly believe thoughts are energy, which Dr. Emoto’s studies have proven, I thought it beneficial to create Ho’oponopono Clings for the blue glass bottles. The best of both worlds!!

Along the way, I’ve found some other very supportive tools and resources that I personally use and found very helpful so I added them here for you.

I hope that this web site helps you and your family enjoy the benefits of the Blue Solar Water throughout your day and on the go.

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